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Plant Forward [No Labels]

1 May 2023

Labels are very popular these days and I’m not entirely sure they are healthy for us. Do you like pineapple on your pizza or not? Pour the cereal before milk, or milk before cereal? Coke or Pepsi (you know I’m going to say “neither”)?

A binary decision is a choice between two alternatives, or a choice between doing something or not. But life is not always so clear cut.  What if there is some middle ground, or another choice altogether?  Or perhaps our opinions are just not so stubborn until we’re asked to pick a side.

Personally, I was refused entry to a LinkedIn group – where I hoped to share ideas and professional knowledge - because I honestly shared that I was not 100% vegan. “Come back when you’ve fully transitioned,” they said.  While I understand their need to draw a line, I also felt ostracized. Only 0.5% of Americans are vegan, so what about the other 99.5%? Don’t we all deserve the opportunity to include more plants in our diet?  Can’t we all do more for our personal health and the planet?

Plant forward [no labels] is my way of embracing nuance. From the beginning of Green Bites™, the pineapple has symbolized the welcome I hoped you would feel from my writings, workshops, and other communication. Just as I live by values of universal appreciation for everyone, I also believe that everyone is entitled to the food access and knowledge that help them achieve personal health. The bonus of choosing a sustainable diet (imperfect as it may be) is that it helps the planet too, which is good for everyone.

What if life was accepted for all its nuance?  I’m not saying you shouldn’t have principles or stand by your values, but if you don’t have a strongly held opinion, maybe there's no need to pick a side. We all have worth, and we all have power to transform our health and change the world, one green bite at a time!

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