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Healthy Food Is So Expensive?!?

2 October 2023

I don’t have to tell you; the benefits of a healthy plant-based diet are numerous. In a 2020 randomized clinical trial, “an ad libitum [eat-what-you-want] low-fat vegan diet resulted in weight loss, improved body composition, and increased insulin sensitivity in overweight adults.”  It's a shame that it’s so expensive to eat that way…but wait!?

I'm aware of the exorbitant prices of Beyond burgers and Impossible sausages, but I also know that beans are the most budget friendly (and eco-friendly) food on the planet.

Having started my nutrition career with Cornell Cooperative Extension teaching cooking in underserved communities, I have always been very budget-conscious when it comes to healthy food.

When I transitioned to a plant forward diet, this did not change.  I had noticed the priciest item in my grocery cart was the meat (if you shop at Costco, don’t even get me started about what makes it possible for them to sell chicken at 99¢/lb!). Now I can get a whole can of beans for 99¢ or a package of organic tofu (40 grams of protein) for $1.99.

Recently, the scientists delved back into the data from that study to compare grocery expenditures before and during the trial. The plant-based group reduced their expenditures by 16%. It turns out that, even with increased spending on vegetables, fruits, legumes, whole grains, and meat/dairy alternatives, their grocery bill was lower just because they weren’t buying meat or dairy.

So...plant foods are good for your health, better for the planet and budget-friendly too! The only question I have is WHY AREN’T YOU EATING MORE PLANTS? I really want to know.

And if you want my help, I’m here for you!

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