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For Better Health, Start With Veggies

9 October 2023

A recent article in the Washington Post explained why you should eat your vegetables first. The GlucoseGoddess, a scientist and instagram influencer, also recommends this strategy. I like a lot of what Jessie Inchauspé (the GlucoseGoddess) says, if not the absolutism (we know that every body does not respond in the same way to food). In any case, you know I love a hack that gets us eating MORE vegetables, and, of course, eating them first ensures we appreciate them the most (because we’re hungry).

All of the tips from WaPo are based upon the idea that fiber, protein and fat – or a combination of these – promote stable blood sugars (by slowing the release of sugar) and satiety (by slowing the emptying of your stomach). Here are some things they suggest you can do to mitigate the effects of high glycemic foods:

  • Eat nuts first.
  • Eat a salad dressed with olive oil first.
  • Eat (non-starchy) vegetables and protein first.
  • Limit high glycemic foods (hmmm...).
  • Pair carbs with protein or fat.

Did you know your body reacts to all sorts of cues besides the ingredients in foods? Sequence of eating, time of day, previous meal (yes, the quality of breakfast can impact the glucose spike of lunch!), and processing of food (more on that next week!) are all important factors too.

If you start with veggies, they become the focus of the meal, or at least a very important part. It’s easy to prep some crudité with hummus (veggies + protein for the win), have a cup of lentil soup, or start with a salad (dressed with olive oil & vinegar or tofu ranch dressing).

Whether your goal is weight loss, keeping blood sugar in check or preventing chronic disease, you can’t go wrong if you start with a vegetable.

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