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Apples are Awesome to the Core

6 November 2023

Is it true that an apple a day keeps the doctor away? A 2022 study in the Journal of Food Nutrition concluded, “The value of apple fruit and the role of its bioactive constituents in the delivery of essential micro‐ and phyto‐nutrients to humans cannot be overemphasized.”  Read on for great reasons to include apples in your day and a couple of apple-y things you probably never heard about.


Heart Disease (#1 killer in the US): phytochemicals in the peel of apples, along with pectin (fiber) may help prevent free-radical damage in the heart and blood vessels.

Type 2 Diabetes: the antioxidant power of flavonoids in apples may prevent damage to the pancreas.  In the Women’s Health Study, those who ate apples were 28% less likely to develop diabetes.

Cancer: the phytochemicals and fiber in apples may reduce oxidative damage to our DNA, reducing risk of certain types of cancer.

Weight Management: fiber-rich with a low glycemic load, apples help prolong satiety and keep blood sugar stable, reducing potential for overeating (the same cannot be said for apple juice or cider).

Even though apple season is over, I’m still getting apples from my CSA weekly. Apples will last 1-2 weeks on your counter, and up to 2 months if you keep them in the refrigerator.  Even after they’re past their prime (and mealy), you can always use them in applesauce or pie. I finally got around to making my easy [as] apple pie. Mine was extra delicious because I used 5 different kinds of apples (email me for my easy recipe).

There’s good apple news (and I don’t mean the technology company) and bad…

  • Cornell’s apple vending machine. This has got to be the world’s healthiest vending machine.
  • The 82-year-old apple hunter. He spent 16 years searching for a rare apple that turned out to be growing in his own backyard.
  • WanaBana recall! Apple fruit pouches have been recalled due to toxic levels of lead. Please read this update if you have children and this food in your home.

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