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12 Ways “Being Green” Has Improved My Life

20 May 2024

We often talk about the sacrifices we need to make to save the planet, but here's why BEING GREEN IS SO AWESOME…

  1. Cloth napkins are so much nicer than paper ones.  It makes every meal more classy.
  2. Reducing my lawn and using native plants reduces work in the garden. Their suitability to the local climate means they thrive in less-than-ideal conditions with little to no watering or care.
  3. Avoiding chemical fertilizers/herbicides on my lawn and letting some native flowers emerge makes my grass more colorful while reducing concerns (about toxicity) for my pets.
  4. Leaving the leaves in my flower beds helps keep the weeds down with less work.  By the time I get around to cleaning things up, the pollinators have emerged and there is much less to clear because of composting breakdown.
  5. Eating a whole foods plant based diet keeps me regular. Hey, we don't like to talk about it, but this is important for our comfort, as well as short and long term health!
  6. Canned beans [in place of meat] are just so convenient, affordable and a delicious base for weekday meals.
  7. Using bar soap and shampoo, powder detergent and non-toxic DIY cleaning solutions means less plastic recycling to take to the curb.
  8. Cat litter made from upcycled wood pulp gets delivered straight to my door and is as effective as clay without the respiratory risks to my cats and their humans.
  9. Planning my shopping for efficiency and limiting trips to the supermarket saves me time, money and stress (with fewer unplanned purchases).
  10. Using filtered tap water in reusable glass bottles limits my exposure to toxins and microplastics, tastes great and keeps cold water conveniently in my fridge door.
  11. Growing my own sprouts at home provides a limitless supply of super nutrients, and is less expensive and safer than store bought sprouts.
  12. Eating a delicious and varied plant predominant diet will help me live about 6 years longer than if I were eating the boring Standard American Diet!

And that's just the tip of the iceberg...
How has "being green" made your life better?

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